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The Icelandic Heating, Ventilating and Sanitary Association  |   YstabŠ 11 - 110 ReykjavÝk  |  SÝmi 892 4428  pˇstfang:
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The Icelandic Heating, Ventilating and Sanitary Association was founded on October 4th, 1986 by individuals interested in improvemts and amelioration in HVAC, plumbing and sanitary systems.
Main objective of the association is to encourage further developments in design and practices as well as mutual understanding between trades and professionals that contribute to the industry and they are mainly:
                            Designers, plumbing trades, sheet metal trades, electricians and control specialists, suppliers and
                            retailers of control systems, other material retailers and suppliers in this field as well other
                            related unions and trades.              


The association publishes newsletter where issues regarding Heating, Ventilation and Sanitation are addressed and articles by experienced designers and other professionals are published. Lectures and debates addressing selected topics are held regulary and debates results are then distributed to members in the newsletter „Lagnafréttir“.

Often following such lectures tradeshows and training courses are held.

The association is also involved in organizing trips to international and domestic trade exhibition shows.

Members now are around 800.

All individuals and professionals in the field of HVAC, Plumbing and Sanitation can join the association.

Numerous individiuals and organazations have joined The Icelandic Heating, Ventilating and Sanitary Association and seeked cooperation with it that is a tremendous recognition to the Association and it´s members.

The future of the Association depends first and foremost on it´s members and today the future is bright and will continue to contribute to the industry.

The following comitties are operating within the The Icelandic Heating, Ventilating and Sanitary Association:
                               Quality Control Board,
                               Trade Recognition Board,
                               HVAC Counsil
                               Plumbing & Sanitation Counsil,
                               Control Systems Counsil,
                               Communication & Interaction Counsil.

Already published by the Icelandic Heating, Ventilating and Sanitary Association are 39 issues of the extensive technical manual „Lagnafréttir“ among the newsletter „Fréttabréf Lagnafélag Íslands“

LAFI Director
(The Icelandic Heating, Ventilating and Sanitary Association,

Mr. Grétar Leifsson